If you’re in the midst of wedding planning then you’re probably thinking that it’s never too soon to get the florist booked, your dress chosen or the (notoriously tricky) guest list sorted.

But are there ever any occasions when you shouldn’t rush to finalise those plans? I actually think there are a couple of areas where it can really pay to be a little patient such as…


Other than looking fabulous by your side, your bridal party need to be a support for you to lean on; your maids should be organised, supportive and honest. Post-proposal your emotions will be running high which can cloud your judgement.

You may love your university friend dearly but if she’s constantly late for your catch ups and always forgetting where she left her keys/phone/purse, then is she really good maid of honour material? There is always a chance, particularly if you’re planning a long engagement, that your circle of friends might change too, and while you can always ask someone to be in your bridal party at a later date, it’s far from easy to revoke the invitation.


Buying a wedding dress to ‘slim into’ is ill-advised, but if you are trying to get fitter for your big day, then holding off on the dress shopping trip can save you several rounds of alteration charges. If your dream dress is out of your budget then delaying could mean you pick it up in the sales. And if it doesn’t make it onto the end of season rail then nothing’s really lost if you couldn’t afford it in the first place!


According to on-line travel agent Trailfinders, you can get the best deal by booking 11 months before you travel, so you may need to wait a while for this to coincide with your wedding planning.

If your wedding falls in peak holiday season then you might choose to delay your trip even further, to a) get the best deal and b) ensure that your romantic destination of choice isn’t overrun by plane loads of holidaymakers! A belated honeymoon gives you something to look forward to after the wedding high has subsided, and you can always book a mini-moon if you really can’t wait to get away with your new wife or hubby.


It’s tempting to rush out as soon as you’re engaged and buy hundreds of mercury tea-light holders or several crates of vintage milk bottles, but bear in mind that your design theme may change over time. It may be dictated by your venue or depending on the items you need, hiring might provide better value for money, so I’d advise trying to resist buying the entire Cox & Cox catalogue until you’re a little further down the planning line.

So what do you think? Is it better to get those to-do list items ticked off or does it pay to be a little patient?



About the Author

Rachael is a UKAWP accredited wedding planner and the owner of Lovestruck. Based in Berkshire, she’s been helping couples across London and the South East to plan their perfect wedding since 2012.

She loves epic checklists, heartfelt wedding details and country walks (as long as they end at the pub.)

Her dislikes include all flying insects, bad timekeeping and most wedding chair covers.

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