Today’s post in our How to Plan Your Wedding series is all about your wedding venue and specifically the key questions you must ask before you confirm your big day booking.

In addition to the obvious queries (like do they have availability for your date, can they accommodate the number of guests you’re inviting) there are a few more unusual questions that you’ll want to ask of the venue so let’s get stuck in.

Are there any renovations planned? //

If refurbishments are on the horizon can the venue guarantee that any building work will be complete well in advance of your big day? They should also help you understand how the building or interior space may look different once the revamp is complete.

Can you access the venue the day before or day after your wedding? //

You’re likely to have items that need to be delivered to the wedding venue and it can be easier to take care of this the day before so check if your venue permits this and that they have a secure storage location. Similarly can collection of these items happen the day after the wedding and if so what time must this happen by. Some venues will insist that any items are removed the night of the wedding so you’ll need to communicate this to your suppliers so they can factor the collection into their quotation.

Are they any charges for not using their suppliers? //

Most venues have a recommended list of suppliers that they will share with you. By using a recommended supplier you can be confident that they understand how the venue operates but be sure to ask if there are any charges owed if you opt not to book one of these companies.

Are there any noise restrictions for live music? //

Most venues will simply ask that your band stick to a reasonable volume whilst playing, however some will have noise limiting equipment installed which will cut power should a certain decibel level be reached. It’s worth asking if the venue has this as the last thing you want is for the power to go off with a dancefloor full of partying guests.

Can you use real candles? //

If using candlelight is important to you then make sure you check that this is permitted by the venue. Most will be ok with this provided the candles are placed in suitable holders (usually ones where the holder extends a few centimetres above the level of the flame), but some period properties will insist that only battery operated candles are used in order to prevent the risk of any damage to the building.

What’s the wet weather plan for any outdoor spaces? //

So you love the idea of an outdoor ceremony in the venue’s walled garden but what happens if it rains? It’s important to know in advance where any outdoor elements of your wedding will need to take place should you not be lucky with the weather.

When is the venue at its best? //

For venues with outdoor space there may be specific times of the year when the gardens looks particularly fabulous. Similarly ask about the amount of daylight the venue will receive at various times of the year. Are there certain rooms that may be too dark for a winter wedding or too hot for a summer celebration?

Who will be there on the day and when will you meet them? //

Larger venues may have a wedding team that consists of several members. Be sure to ask if the person who shows you around the venue, assists with your booking or liaises with you in the run up is the same person that will be in attendance on the day itself.

If they aren’t then it’s important that you meet the on-the-day contact in advance of the day and that the details of your wedding are handed over to this individual in good time so they can familiarise themselves with what needs to happen and when.

If you’re looking for a helping hand with your wedding plans then do get in touch. And do pop back for our next post when we’ll be chatting wedding themes and how to create yours!



Sezincote House: Juliet McKee Photography


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