There’s no doubt that Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration for your wedding. It has completely revolutionised the way the brides and grooms plan their weddings or indeed any part of their day to day lives. Without pinterest we’d probably still be working with scrappy magazine cuttings and tattered scrapbooks!

You can see quite how much I love an hour (or 3!) of pinning by checking my boards out here but I’m well aware that Pinterest can also feel pretty overwhelming at times, so today on the blog I wanted to share some advice on how to use Pinterest to plan your big day to perfection.

1 // Try not to pin too much until you have an initial wedding style in mind. It’s far easier to find inspiration when you have a general idea of what you’re looking for. If you need help deciding on a theme then review your existing pins and select a dozen that you feel most drawn to. What is it you love about them and why? Chances are they represent the kind of day you aspire to have.

2 // To avoid pinning overwhelm create individual boards for each element of the day, that way you won’t need to trawl through several pages of images to find that one pin you urgently need to show your makeup artist.

3 // Don’t forget to edit the comments when you pin something too, it can be tough remembering whether it was the style or colour of that bouquet that caught your eye.

4 // Pinterest is best used for inspiration rather than replication. It’s near impossible to recreate any one image exactly and your suppliers would much rather produce something unique for you than copy someone else’s work. Adding your own spin on an idea is also far less stressful that trying to painstakingly create a replica of another couple’s big day.

5// Once you’ve created a concept that you are your partner both love, stop pinning! The more choice you come across the more you will start question your own decisions. Remember that your wedding is above all, a reflection of the two of you and not about keeping up with the latest pins.

About the Author

Rachael is a UKAWP accredited wedding planner and the owner of Lovestruck. Based in Berkshire, she’s been helping couples across London and the South East to plan their perfect wedding since 2012.

She loves epic checklists, heartfelt wedding details and country walks (as long as they end at the pub.)

Her dislikes include all flying insects, bad timekeeping and most wedding chair covers.

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