Depending on how you found your way  to this post you may not realise that things used to look quite different around here so I wanted to share the story behind the Lovestruck Weddings rebrand!

It starts a couple of summers ago. Serendipity Weddings as it was then known was going from strength to strength but I started to get a niggle that my branding was holding it back from being even better. As every business book and blog out there will tell you as a small company owner you are your brand. In the 3 years since launching I’d developed massively as a planner and my client based had evolved too. Serendipity Weddings as a brand just didn’t represent me or them anymore…it was time for a change.

I excitedly got to work researching fonts and testing out colour palettes, then all of a sudden the process started to stall. I began to wonder if it it was my business name that was getting in the way. I love the word Serendipity and its suggestion that fate and chance can bring two people together but what did the most important people – my couples – actually think?

A quick survey of some super helpful past clients revealed not many of them knew the full meaning of Serendipity or made the connection to a relationship’s beginnings. Other feedback included ‘It’s a bit of a mouthful’, ‘l’m not that sure how to spell it’ and most significantly ‘it has quite a strong bohemian undertone which isn’t the only type of wedding you plan’ The feedback was telling and a decision was made; my rebrand would include a new name too!

Days of brainstorming turned into weeks as I considered every wedding related word under the sun. I toyed with using my own name for a while too but although I love my Italian heritage, my surname is Corigliano which let’s face is almost as long and even harder to spell than Serendipity!

I finally settled on Lovestruck. It ticked all the practical boxes (contemporary, shorter, easier to spell) and most importantly we have all experienced it in some shape or form! From the buzz of a WhatsApp message from that person you really fancy through the dizzying realization that this could be ‘the one’ to the overwhelming emotion when you turn to see your partner on bended knee with that ring box in hand.

Lovestruck is also how I want my clients to feel, when they get the first glimpse of their planning proposal, receive their carefully curated supplier recommendations or grab a sneak peek of their perfectly styled reception room.

Name decided it was time to get my brand on starting with the logo. It needed to be modern, unique and with personality which led me to the handlettering  talents of Lauren at The Blackline.

Amanda at Kaleidoscope Design then did an amazing job at creating my tagline, brand colour palette, submarks and patterns. The Lovestruck connotations are intentionally subtle but they are there in the target-style submark and patterns that resemble the head and tail of cupid’s arrow.

Next up was web design and for this I worked with Pixel Debris. Victoria literally blew my mind with her graphic and design skills and an ability to understand what my new site needed to be when even I didn’t know!

Last but not least was some lovely refreshed content and a new mugshot or two which included Laura Anne Hair & Make Up on beautification duties and Sanshine Photography capturing the good side I’d never realised I had!

And the end result? I finally have a brand and website that feels like a proper representation of both me and my clients and one that I am bursting with pride about.

It has taken nearly 2 years of blood, sweat and tears to get here but heck it’s been worth it!  Massive thanks go to the wonderful group of creatives mentioned above and to my better half Andy for his endless support and encouragement and epic tea-making skills!

On the topic of tea if you’ve made it through this epic post then you definitely deserve a cuppa! So pop the kettle on, grab the hobnobs and have a little look around my shiny new corner of the internet. I hope you love it as much as I do



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